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Advanced Therapy
Advanced Therapy
The sacrum is a large wedge shaped vertebra at the inferior end of the spine, forming a solid base for the spinal column where it intersects with the hip bones to form the pelvis. This is commonly a forgotten area to treat however can cause many issues within the Lumbar spine and Pelvic region. 
Common complaints: 
                    • Back pain or leg pain (sciatica) – Can typically arise due to injury from sport or even from sitting for long periods of time. 
                    • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction – A condition where pain is typically concentrated on one side of the lower back and radiates down the leg to the knee or at times, to the ankle or foot. 
                    • Coccydynia – The coccyx has become unstable, which results in chronic inflammation of the sacro-coccygeal joint. 
                    • Short Leg or Long Leg Syndrome – can be disruptive on the gait posture and can be due to a structural problem or functional issue. 
                    • Pelvic misalignment – Where by the pelvis is not straight but has rotation left or right, in an anterior or posterior tilt, has an up-slip or down-slip or a mixture. 

There are many more complaints which can be caused by the sacrum and pelvis, however most can be easily treated and if felt necessary referral for an MRI or to the GP will be advised.

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