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Neurological Testing
Diagnostic testing and procedures are vital tools that help confirm or rule out the presence of a neurological disorder or other medical condition. Basic research has helped identify characteristics of diseases, and the testing process allows for the brain and nerves system to be tested through a quick set of tests depending on the condition thought to be present. 
Neurological examinations assess the motor and sensory skills, the functioning of one or more cranial nerves, hearing and speech, vision, coordination and balance, mental status, and changes in mood or behavior, among other abilities. The examination is divided into several components, each focusing on a different part of the nervous system: 
                • Mental Status 
                • Cranial Nerves 
                • Motor System 
                • Sensory System 
                • The Deep Tendon Reflexes 
                • Coordination and The Cerebellum 
                • Gait 

The common types of conditions that BodyCare Sports Ltd look at are ‘trapped’ nerves, vertebra dysfunction such as prolapse disc, herniates of the disc etc. Loss of sensation to an area after an injury which can indicate damage to a nerve whether it occurred from a specific injury or not, and many more.

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