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Nutritionl Therapy
Nutritional Therapy
Are you looking to get healthy, prevent disease or just minimise symptoms of developing a disease? 

Are you suffering from an ongoing issue? Do you think your diet may be a cause? 

Why not consider seeing our Nutritional Therapist Gemma Lloyd (BSc Hons BMP Dip NTDip Personal Nutrition Dip Sports Nutrition Dip)
Nutritional Therapy is aimed at helping your body to heal itself by giving it the nutrients it needs to restore natural function. The nutrients in our food affect each individual cell in our body, influencing how they communicate and how they work. 

The aim of nutritional therapy is to find the underlying cause of your symptoms, using one-to-one consultations. A full health history will be taken so that family background, previous illness, use of antibiotics, prescribed medication, current diet and lifestyle can all be taken into account. 

Drawing on research based evidence and clinical experience; a nutrition plan will be devised for you with example meal plans, advice on supplements and laboratory testing if appropriate. 

Nutritional Therapy can be used alongside other complementary therapies, and can also support ongoing mainstream medical treatment.
Nutritional therapists recognise that every person is unique and therefore has an individual set of dietary requirements. It is a nutritional therapist's job to establish whether or not an individual's diet is right for their body, or if it is to blame, in part for ill-health. If this is the case a treatment programme will be formulated to ensure that diet is properly balanced and contains all of the necessary components. 
Key points about nutritional therapists: 
  • Can help to play a role in the treatment of symptoms caused by an illness, and in the optimisation of good health. 
  • Often work with chronic conditions such as allergies, digestive and bowel disorders, hormonal imbalances and the overweight. 
  • Help individuals to meet their health goals. 
  • Take into account the unique dietary needs of each individual.

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