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Gemma Lloyd BSc (Hons) Dip (BMP) DipNT Dip Personal Nutrition Dip Sports Nutrition– Sports Massage Therapist, BodyMaster Method Practitioner, Acupuncturist, and Nutritional Therapist

Graduating from Cardiff University with a BSc Hons in Marine Geography, Gemma went on to spend over 6 years in the British Army. Gemma has a keen interest in physical fitness and rehabilitation of the body to help avoid injury; or when injury has occurred to help return the individual back to training. 

After her time in the British Army, she went on to study and qualify from Bath University in Sports Massage Therapy, which enabled her to open BodyCare Sports Ltd.
She has untaken further training where she has qualified with a diploma in BodyMaster Method from the John Gibbons at the Oxford University Sports Complex and as an Acupuncturist for the Management of Sports Injuries (Level 1 and 2) from Bernard Nolan.  

She has also completed a Nutritional Therapy diploma under the Health Sciences Academy and completed a Personal Nutrition Diploma and Sports Nutrition Diploma and a certificate in Child Nutrition through Shaw Academy.

The training enables Gemma to help others with their recovery and maintain of their issues and injuries, however Gemma does not solely treat athletes; she also helps those who struggle with neck/back pain caused by their occupation.  

 Qualifications include: 
• Kinesiology taping 
• Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) 
• Neurological testing 
• Shoulder joint Manipulation and mobilisation  
• Spinal Manipulation and mobilisation 
• Cervical spine mobilisation 
• Advance soft tissue methods 
• Hip and groin injuries 
• Knee joint injuries 
• Advanced therapy techniques 
• First aider 
• DRB checked
• Nutritional Therapy