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Sports Massage
Sports massage is not just for athletes or people who do many sports; long hours sitting at a desk causing you back ache? Manual work carrying heavy loads taking its toll? it can be beneficial to everyone. Sport Massage is a scientific manipulates the muscle fibres back into the correct ‘position’ and can relief muscular spasms, also known as ‘knots’. It is a way of improving blood circulation and help remove lymphatic fluid from effected areas. Sports massage also helps prevent injury and its therapeutic purpose is to restore the muscle back into a normal function. It is also used to prepare the body for activities and help maintain the muscle in its optimal condition. 
Massage can also be used in conditioning and training phases are sport; pre, inter, and post competition and post travel. 
Prior to an event, Sports Massage can be used in conjunction with stretching of the muscle which helps athletes loosen, warm and prepare their muscles so that their performance and endurance can be enhanced. Following an event Sports Massage can relieve pain, prevent stiffness, and return muscles back to their normal state. Sports Massage can also be used for injury rehabilitation and general maintenance whether it be sports related or not. 
              • Prevent Injury 
              • Promote Recovery 
              • Increase Flexibility 
              • Decrease Muscle Tension 
              • Encourage the removal of waste products 
              • Enhance Performance
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