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Taping and Strapping
BodyCare Sport Ltd can offer a number of taping techniques including: 
                • Taping for joint stability on all major joints – ankle, knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist 

                • Taping for injury support during the rehabilitation phase 

                • Functional taping for sports performance 

                • Acute injury management utilizing compression 

                • Management of specific problems such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and patellofemoral pain 
BodyCare Sports Ltd specialise in all types of zinc oxide adhesive tapes and sports tape and strapping. Zinc Oxide Tape is usually a white or Tan rigid cotton or rayon tape that is used for joint immobolisation, for example ankle stirrups and patella alignment. Zinc Oxide Tape is often used in conjunction with either a foam under-wrap or the slightly furry, and very sticky, fixing tape as a base for more or less aggressive immobilisation. Elastic Adhesive Bandage or EAB as it is often known as is very similar to the material used in plasters. It is a fairly heavy material with a short lengthways stretch and is used for joints that need support but require a fair bit of movement as well. EAB is often used in Rugby Lineouts around the second row’s thighs as additional grip for Lifting. Sometimes EAB is too heavy and that is where Tear Lite EAB or Athletic Tear Tape is very useful. Often referred to as ‘chicken skin’ looking the weaved material has a short stretch and great adhesive but unlike the heavier EAB it is hand tearable making it the ideal tape to have to hand on the side of a pitch for any quick fixes!

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