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This is what some of our patients had to say about our services: 
"BodyCare Sports have been a terrific supplement to my training program! They continue to play a huge role in injury prevention and recovery. If it wasn’t for Gemma’s knowledge and expertise in sports massage, I wouldn’t have recovered as quickly from a nagging shoulder pain. Now, I see her regularly each month and consider massage therapy." - Mark Johnson (Athlete) 
"Having has previous problems during training, and seen many physiotherapists and had many sports massages, the service I received at BodyCare Sports Ltd was brilliant. Gemma diagnosed a problem with over training and seriously got to work on my muscles. They never knew what hit them! Further to that I received valuable tuition in the use of foam rollers and how to help prevent re occurrences of the same problem. Anyone with a soft or deep tissue injury should give her a call. 10% discount to military or their family is such a lovely bonus on top! A*" – 2LT Roberts (Gibraltar Regt.) 

"I came to Gemma with really bad back pain, which was seriously hampering my mobility. Within 1 session I could walk much more freely and within 3 sessions I was pain free. I would highly recommend Gemma to anyone in the same position as myself. As the ability to walk properly and be pain free is worth every penny paid."  - Julie Minell 

"After having a severe back spasm a friend suggested a massage. Having had a basic massage before the Dolphin music and smelly candles was not really for me. So I decided to try sports massage therapy. Not being an Athlete I was not sure if it was appropriate. I have to say it was the best thing I ever did. I found Gemma to be very professional and explained the process and diagnoses clearly. The therapy has enabled me to move and bend more freely and the exercise program given is helping my recovery. I highly recommend this treatment and have now booked a full course." – Mrs Roberts 

"Went to BodyCare after some issues with my shoulder. Took the time to explain the possible causes and how my job/lifestyle could be causing it. Also gave me some really helpful advice to use in between appointments. Would definitely recommend" - Toby Steed, Bodybuilder 

"Gemma knows her field well and is very good at what she does. She also gave some good advice about how to use a tennis ball at home that can help me ‘self massage’ my shoulder." - Lorriane Mumtaz 

"Gemma at Body Care is a lovely and very professional young lady with a fantastic anatomical knowledge and as such an excellent masseuse.Really helped me out of a tight spot (pun intended) when i pulled a muscle first thing in the morning, she was able to squeeze me in at lunch time." - Peter Staples 

"Had a wonderful experience. Solved my back issues quickly and got me back on the field. Will definitely use again" - Chris Warren